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In Soyyiğit Group which is getting famous with its wide product range both in the country and abroad, formulations suitable for different tastes and laboratory tests are carried out, quality research and improvement works on existing products are intensely performed.

In addition to R-D studies on existing products; new products suitable for sectoral tendencies in the world and in accordance with consumers' demands are developed and business are carried on with the missions of making a difference in the sector. meeting the clients' demands by making the product group perfect and offering the most effective solution are in the company's targets.

In the extensive microbiology laboratories; raw material and last product microbiological controls;  fat determination, moisture determination, pH determination, brix, ash, salt determination and product quality assurances are regularly performed. Product shelf life is predetemined by shelf life test equipment, products recipes are prepared and accurate packaging properties are designated. There is an expert chief and a demo kitchen equipped with professional kitchen tools where all the products can be tested according to the consumer's point of view.

Adopting the idea of developing new products in accordance with Turkish Food Codex and country regulations as basic principle, supplying of practical delicacies that would ease the lives of consumers continued.

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