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The product range of Soyyiğit Group, who acts with the mission of providing practical, healty and delicious products that could ease the lives of individuals, consists of powder food and edible vegetable oil products. In the powder food group there is a wide product range consisting of: flavor enhancers such as broth, mix; regional desserts, cake and flour mixes, ready to serve desserts such as pudding, jelly, whipped cream; subsidiary products such as baking powder, sugared vanilla, cacao, soduim bicarbonate, powder sugar; flour and farina mixes, baby and kid additional sustenances, instant soups, powder and granule drinks.

In the oil group there are sunflower seed, maize, canola, soybean and olive oils which are offered with different basis weight and packaging choises based on needs. All products are presented to consumers by branding according to its product group, production technique and the market it will be put on.
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