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Soyyiğit Group, that has an important role in powder food, oil and patisserie industries in both domestic and overseas markets, makes production at its integrated plants in İstanbul, Tekirdağ  and Edirne.

In 28.000 m² closed production plant in Esenyurt/İstanbul, that also operates as head office, powder food and patisserie products are produced under the umbrella brand Kent Boringer. With the new additional building of 32.000 m², the total closed area in İstanbul reached to 60.000 m².

A short time ago, Soyyiğit Group has invested a new seed crushing facility in Edirne/Tayakadın consisting of 40.000 m² closed area that is established on 100.000 m² open area. In this production plant, sunflower, canola, corn, safflower, flax and camelina seeds are processed and the crude oil is sold to refined oil companies in the industry.

Refined sunflower, canola and corn oils are produced with the brands Aysan, Kıvılcım and Kent Boringer in the production plant in Tekirdağ/Hayrabolu and served to domestic and overseas markets.
Soyyiğit Group exports its powder food, oil and patisserie products to 136 countries and 4 continents by Kent Boringer Dış Ticaret A.Ş.



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