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Our Human Resources Policy

OUR MAIN HUMAN RESOURCES POLICY is to apply human resources systems that will allow to keept the organization structures dynamic in line with strategical plan and targets of the institutions within Soyyiğit Group, with the intention of using our human resources in the most effective and efficient way; to create an organization learning by applying the execitations which will provide institutional and individual development, to employ employees that are inclined to teamwork, open to all kinds of innovation and learning, educated and able to use the information they have and are devoted to humanistic values, instead of employees who only meet the today's needs, to provide career possibilities by preparing a professional work environment for the employees, to keep our employees satisfactions on top level by adopting community values.

Our basic principles in this context;
» To prioritise the satisfaction and loyalty of our employees to the company,
» To operate Performance System and Career Planning,
» To make all managers, human resources managers as well.

Our human resources vision is to establish the best human resources structure and to put this applications into practice.

Our Mission
Our mission as human resources is to enhance the competitiveness of Soyyiğit with high business quality, human resources activities devoted to purpose of loyalty to company.

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